Our Deluxe Starter Kit is great to go along with our LPG Partner Program, or just if you are interested in getting started teaching Glass Painting Parties.


If you need class sets of supplies and materials - this kit is for you! If you aren't part of our LPG Partner Program, you can purchase one of our Courses or Tutorials to go along with the kit.


Included in Starter Kit - Deluxe:

Class Set of 50 paint brushes, 25 flat and 25 round    
8 water rinse cups 
50 'how to dry your glass' cards    
1 wine glass for a tutorial/sample
Box of glass balls for practicing/training    
Mini paint sample set - glass paints 
100 flyers    
5 posters    
Class bling kit    
25 alcohol wipes    
Class Set of 24 Aprons    
Class set of 24 Paint Pens    
Welcome postcard

Teach Classes Starter Kit - Deluxe